Slightly smaller than a standard Graco PNP, the 19 lb PNP Jetsetter fits in its included backpack (in a small enough package to carry on to most planes, in case you don’t want to risk checking it). It has some unique features, including a domed canopy to create shade when using it outside (or for keeping it dark in a room without proper shades (amiright??)), a vibrating bassinet for newborns, and a portable changing pad.

Hi Marisa! We had a cheap one we bought in Latvia and while I wouldn’t say it was ideal, it still did the job. The big question in Europe is really how much you want to prioritise something which will handle the streets well versus how much weight and bulk you want to carry while moving around and being constantly stuck carrying it up stairs. I personally would still go with a lightweight travel option but it is going to be rough on cobblestoned streets.

Don’t rely on baggage handlers to treat your car seat with kid gloves. Car seats are easy to lift and toss, often treated as oversized baggage, and are sometimes left on a rainy or snowy jetway as items are loaded into the cargo hold. One way to save some wear and tear is to gate check your car seat (on most airlines it will be returned to you at your destination gate). You’ll also want to make sure that your car seat is adequately protected before you check it. Packing it back in the original car seat box is the gold standard, but most people don’t have it on hand. Instead, look for a sturdy, water-resistant bag and pad the seat with heavy jackets or other soft items if space allows. In a pinch, a sturdy, 60-gallon garbage bag will protect your car seat from rain or grime.

Our verdict – we love our Mountain Buggy Nano. It really is a dream to use and definitely the best travel pram we have come across in our search. It has given us easy travel across Europe, the Dominican Republic, and the USA, plus of course many local adventures around Australia. We don’t have to worry about overweight luggage or oversize. Nor do we have to stress about it getting lost as checked baggage since we can use it right up to the boarding gates, fold it down, put on the cover and carry it on board to the overhead locker!
I’m going to say also that these clever little pocket rockets aren’t just travel prams. I’ve chosen them because they can be used as your every day pram as well – they’re perfect for small cars, zipping around the supermarket, squeezing onto public transport, if you have limited space for storing a pram, or need a super light pram for lifting in and out of the car.
“I loved pushing the stroller,” raved one of our testers. “It was super smooth and barely needed any effort. My son seemed to be pretty comfortable in it as well. He even took a nap in it.” One reviewer, who used this stroller in New York City, loved that it handled different terrains — from sidewalks to subway platforms — with ease. In terms of negatives, our testers thought that the stroller’s carrying strap was uncomfortable.
This stroller folds down compactly which makes it easy to put in the back of the car and parents will love the height adjustable handle. Other features include a multiple position sun canopy, cool baby wicking fabric, multiple position recline including full layback, forward or parent facing seat options, 5 point harness with removable harness pads, cocooning boot cover and a large, under stroller storage basket.
Recently, when I was out for the day at a festival near home (when I’m now using this pram as my day to day pram) I actually switched back to my City Mini mostly because it has so much more space to shove extra clothes/food/nappies etc.  But if I’m out at the shops or for the afternoon, it’s the Mountain Buggy Nano all the way, just because it’s so small in my car boot – as I mention below.
Therefore, you will need to decide how you would like to use your airplane car seat. A convertible car seat on airplane can be an easy option, allowing for use both rear and forward facing. This means that the seat can be used by newborns when facing the rear, creating a safe enclosure, and as your child grows can be swapped around to be forward facing. Certainly one of the more challenging aspect of using a car seat for travel on airplane is installing it, with restricted space and only one belt.
I love how detailed your post! Every time I travel with my kids, I always make sure to bring a stroller with me! It’s really handy. I prefer to use these compared to using infant carriers or sling bags. I find them to be uncomfortable for me and to my baby. It brings me more back pain honestly. Before I used First Years Ignite, but now I’m using Maclaren’s.
Our reviewers spent 14 hours testing one of our readers' favorite travel strollers. To get the most complete results, our testers carted their children around in this model and tackled all sorts of terrain — from small-town sidewalks to urban subway platforms. We asked our reviewers to consider the most important features when using this travel stroller, including its design, portability, and price. We've outlined the key points here so that you, too, know what to look for when shopping.
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This is the most important aspect when choosing a travel stroller. How much does it weight and how bulky is it? You really want it to be as small as possible while catering for all the other aspects that you need, such as a recline. You need to be comfortable lifting this stroller up stairs and you don’t want it to take up too much room in your hotel.
Check out our full review of the latest Ride Safer travel vest, the Delight. It’s now an indispensable piece of travel gear for our family and we’ve been so glad to have it for our year-long trip around the world. The Ride Safer travel vest is truly a game-changer, in that it provides a safe restraint for kids 3 and up (though we feel more comfortable using it for age 4 and up, especially if there’s no top tether and/or parent sitting in back). Note: not for use on airplanes. 

Here are my recommendations for what I feel are currently the best travel car seats in the “convertible car seat” category, meaning those that can be used both rear- and forward-facing. All of these car seats are FAA-approved for air travel, but bear in mind that most car seats are FAA-approved for air travel and with little to no consideration given to the size or width of the car seat and how it might–or might not–actually fit in an airplane seat. Car seat dimensions are included for each of these along with other considerations for car seat travel pros and cons.
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