Compact and lightweight, umbrella strollers are a great option for a travel stroller for parents who are always on-the-go, or just want to make travelling with a child as convenient as possible. An umbrella baby stroller is a great addition to a regular full size stroller for those times where you need something a little more compact. At West Coast Kids, you'll also find a selection of double umbrella strollers, perfect for running quick errands around town or going for a quick walk with more than one child. These umbrella strollers offer a range of the most important features you're looking for in a stroller, including a sturdy frame, durable fabric, easy-to-maneuver wheels, and reclining seats. Many even include a convenient carry handle and shoulder strap for hands-free transportation when you're on-the-go. Browse through dozens of high quality and affordable baby umbrella strollers for infants and toddlers including models from Baby Jogger, Baby Zen, McLaren, and more. Explore our full selection of umbrella strollers and get free Shipping on orders over $49*.
Suitable for newborns and toddlers up to 50 pounds, the Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller is one of the top-rated options for under $100 on Amazon. It has an overall weight of 13 pounds and boasts an easy folding mechanism with an automatic lock and carry strap. When folded, the stroller fits into the back of a compact car (and although it can’t be carried onto the plane, it is relatively easy to check).
Jogger prams are designed for active families and in particular for parents that want to go jogging whilst they push their children in the prams. These types of strollers are easy to move due to their high quality large swivel wheels and have built in suspension to absorb the shocks and bounces that come with pushing a pram at reasonably high speeds.
I wish I had seen this post a few months ago! Before our recent trip to Costa Rica, we spent forever trying to decide on the best travel carseat option. We knew we wanted to buy our own, as they practically cost us an arm and a leg last time we rented them along with our car rental. We ended up purchasing two Bubblebums, and they were fantastic – small, comfortable, and very portable.
A great feature of the Vue is that the seat is also reversible meaning you can have your child facing you while you push them. It is great to maneuver and easy to fold. The front wheels can lock into place for long distance walking on your trip. The sun canopy is fantastic. This really is a stroller you could love both while travelling and at home. The only downside is that the storage basket is not easy to access.
0-6 months is the only time period when it’s pretty darn difficult to bathe your baby in a sink, unless you have two pairs of hands. Babies over 6 months of age who can sit up unassisted can easily be bathed in a sink or regular tub, although some still prefer a proper baby tub whilst traveling. This particular item is low on my list, though I loved traveling with my ducky tub when my kids were smaller.
We have our first trip after having a second child coming up. We will bring the car seat for our toddler in his purchased seat. But what to do for infant/newborn car seat since we didn’t buy a seat for her? Do you recommend checking it at the check in counter? Use it in the airport and then gate check it? For either option, any recommendations for how to securely pack/check it? We do have a layover if that matters.
Like the City Mini, this Baby Jogger is not for jogging despite its name, but its 4 large all terrain wheels make it one of the good prams for walking on a range of surfaces. Other features it shares with the City Mini include an adjustable handlebar, large sun canopy, under stroller storage, multiple position recline, hand brake and the ability to be a travel system with the use of the optional adapters. It also has the quick and easy folding system and the ability to add a parent console, tray and cup holders.
Cruises can present unique challenges when it comes to baby gear due to the extremely limited storage space in state rooms. If you don’t plan to disembark during your voyage or will remain within walking distance of the ports, you can probably leave the car seats at home and just enjoy you time at sea! If you’ll need your car seat before or after the cruise you can always request that your seats be stored in the cargo hold so that they don’t occupy the precious closet space in your room. Some large group excursions will use tour buses, in which case you probably don’t need to bring car seats (see the bus discussion above); however, if you plan to rent a car, take a taxi or go in a van for an excursion you’ll want to pick a portable car seat for travel from the list below.
A manual pump is imperative for travel, IMO. If you need to pump during a flight, in the car, or at the airport, you can do so pretty easily. I have used my hand pump while on a road trip (sitting in the back seat with a crying baby) since you can’t nurse while the car is in motion. Just pump and bottle feed since certain people-who-shall-remain-unnamed (ahem) hate stopping.

This mid-priced stroller is almost a steal when you consider all of its amazing features. There are reclining seats for nap time, a huge canopy that protects your kids from the sun, and belly bars (rarely found on doubles), so you can attach toys to entertain on the go. Plus, it's hard to tell by the photo, but this side-by-side is actually narrow enough to fit through standard doorways easily.

With the school holidays fast approaching now is a good time to think about what is the best travel pram for you to take on your next trip! What makes a pram the best travel pram? We’re looking for something that is light, compact, narrow, easy to fold, ideally something that can come right to the boarding gate at the airport, and better even if it fits in the overhead storage on the plane so you don’t have check your pram in as luggage.
Using forward facing car seats on an airplane is usually the easiest option as with most rear facing seats, a seat belt extender is required. These should be available from the flight attendant. Arm rests can be tricky so try and get a seat narrow enough that you can lower the armrests for takeoff and landing. This can be annoying as airplane seats vary in width, but most seats should not be more than 18” wide. Any bigger than this and the seat is probably too bulky anyway.

However, the deeper seat means that it may take up more space reclined in the rear-facing position than models with a shallower seat, so you might reconsider if you have a very small car (forward-facing this shouldn’t be such an issue). Other inclusions: EPS energy-absorbing foam liner, easy to use LATCH attachments, and 2-position crotch strap for the most secure fit. Rear-facing from birth or 4 lbs. to 40 lbs, forward-facing 20 to 50 lbs. 18″W without cup holder18.5″ D x 26.5″ H. Weighs 12.78 lbs.   Find it online at:

For a pram that is ALMOST an umbrella stroller (it’s not quite a stroller, in terms of size, but it’s pretty close – sort of umbrella-stroller esque) I think the shade cover on the Mountain Buggy Nano is really good – so in terms of a review, I give that part of this pram a high rating. I believe the latest model (mine) has a little more shade than the earlier models. I think it’s enough of a change to make a difference.

Therefore, you will need to decide how you would like to use your airplane car seat. A convertible car seat on airplane can be an easy option, allowing for use both rear and forward facing. This means that the seat can be used by newborns when facing the rear, creating a safe enclosure, and as your child grows can be swapped around to be forward facing. Certainly one of the more challenging aspect of using a car seat for travel on airplane is installing it, with restricted space and only one belt.
You may find that your existing car seat is perfect for travel – it’s easy to install, relatively lightweight and is approved for use on airplanes. However, you may find that it is easier for you to travel with a car seat that you have bought specifically for the job – one that is as easy as possible to navigate around airports and hotels and to install.

Again, it is not the lightest-weight car seat for travel, but you may feel the safety, size, and convenient storage features “outweigh” this one drawback. FAA-approved for use in aircraft. Measures 28.5″ x 17”W x 16″D open, folds to 28.5″ x 17″ x 10″. A car seat carrying case with shoulder strap is also available. Rear-facing from 5 to 33 lbs, forward-facing to 80 lbs., then converts to a belt-positioning booster for kids up to 120 lbs. Weighs 25 lbs. See more photos and read up on my experiences in this review of the Radian RXT.   Find it online at:        Baby Earth