You may find that your existing car seat is perfect for travel – it’s easy to install, relatively lightweight and is approved for use on airplanes. However, you may find that it is easier for you to travel with a car seat that you have bought specifically for the job – one that is as easy as possible to navigate around airports and hotels and to install.

Second – the brakes. People complain incessantly that “the brake gets turned on accidentally when going on stairs”. I have to say, I did my research on this and decided to risk it. To be honest, I also thought, “What are people on about? When do I push my pram down stairs? Don’t I lift it?” I just couldn’t really see what they were complaining about.

If you’re looking for affordable strollers for babies that works perfectly from birth without buying any accessories, this is it. The Valco Baby Ultra Snap has some great features such as an adjustable canopy, great maneuverability and a lightweight design and a huge benefit of this pram is that it can be used both forward and rear facing. It’s our favourite lightweight newborn pram.

This lightweight pram newborn to toddler stroller features all terrain rubber types. Other features include reversible position seat, multi position recline, natural antibacterial protection seat liner, 5 point harness, height adjustable handle, removable bumper bag, larger under stroller shopping basket as well as a large extendable sun canopy with a viewing window.
These Australian guidelines and standards cover things such as strollers being required to have parking devices with at least one brake as well as a tether strap to prevent roll away incidents; harnesses to ensure children don’t fall from strollers; adequate head barriers and foot enclosures to prevent entrapment as well as no hazardous gaps to avoid finger entrapment.

In the lie flat recline position, this stroller is suitable for newborn babies and can accommodate children up to around 17 kgs. With the use of the optional adaptors, it can also be used as a travel system as it is compatible with the MAXI COSI and Safety 1st Infant capsules. You may also use the Safety 1st Wanderer bassinet which is sold separately.
If you are visiting a place frequently (e.g., grandparent’s house), it’s well worth it for grandma/pa to get their own gear (see also: Grandparent’s Guide to Baby Gear and Babyproofing the Grandparent’s House). My mom and in-laws, for example, have a high chair, a Pack ‘n Play, a monitor, and an umbrella stroller at their place; they even have car seats. Local mom’s groups often hold children’s resales, these are great places to get lightly used items for grandparents.
Umbrella – An ultra-lightweight pram, an umbrella pram is compact and folds up in a similar way to an umbrella. They can be used in addition to your everyday pram and are best suited for keeping in the boot for quick trips and will have fewer features than a pram intended for everyday use. They are often called strollers or baby strollers instead of prams.
There have been enough viral videos over the last few years showing just how rough turbulence can be, and we’ve had some terrible trans-oceanic flights with our own kids when we’ve been glad to have them properly strapped in. If the coffee pots need to be tied down, your kids do too! A parent’s arms aren’t strong enough to hold a 2yo in heavy turbulence, making him a projectile – a risk to the child and the other passengers.
A double stroller is great for travel and getting some fresh air with your kids in tow. It's meant for parents with twins or young children close enough in age, offering a safe place for them to sit while you shop, stroll through the neighborhood, or hang out in the park. They come in a variety of styles similar to single baby strollers, some of which expand into a double by adding a second seat.

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This stroller folds down compactly which makes it easy to put in the back of the car and parents will love the height adjustable handle. Other features include a multiple position sun canopy, cool baby wicking fabric, multiple position recline including full layback, forward or parent facing seat options, 5 point harness with removable harness pads, cocooning boot cover and a large, under stroller storage basket.

The Cosco Scenera NEXT is not designed as a travel seat; rather, it’s designed as an affordable way for families to keep their children rear-facing until at least 2yo (as the AAP recommends) but as long as 4yo. Note that rear-facing is required by this seat until at least 2yo, and that the forward-facing mode is outgrown around 3yo (versus ~4yo for rear-facing). It also happens to be a popular travel car seat for preschoolers because of its light weight and $50 price tag. If you’re an infrequent traveler, this is the car seat to buy. Pro tip:the solid colors have much nicer, more cushioned covers than the patterns.Check reviews and latest prices here.
The Totokan baby monitor can sync with your phone even when you’re somewhere that doesn’t have Wifi. It gets between 4 and 5 hours of battery life when it’s not plugged in (so you can use it camping – assuming there’s a way to recharge it), and its rugged case makes it water resistant and good for outdoor use. It also features night vision, a wide field of view, and a zoom lens.
If you’ve read any of my previous reviews you’ll know I’m a BIG fan of Baby Jogger prams. Big. Huge. Love them so much and the City Tour is no exception. It has a great weight limit of 20kgs. It also has a HUGE hood and great basket for such a compact pram. As you’d expect from a Baby Jogger pram the fold is swift and simple and can easily be done one handed. AND it comes with a backpack travel bag – personally I think is this is the best travel pram.

If you are taking taxis or local transportation, then you usually have a choice about whether to use a car seat or not. Generally, it is perfectly legal to hold your child, although of course this isn’t as safe. In some places it is possible to hire taxis which have car seats although this is rare and I wouldn’t rely on it. In some buses you can install your own car seats.
This really depends on if you already have a stroller that is suitable to be used as a lightweight stroller for travel. If at home you generally use a full featured, big stroller then you may want to think about buying a smaller, lighter stroller. Will you be taking public transport? Flying? If you are driving your own car, will your stroller fit along with all your other luggage?
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In addition to extra padding, plush fabrics, and an adjustable recline for both rear-facing and forward-facing installations (great for snoozing): it offers the widest width for any harnessed child up to 65 lbs., and may be used longer than many forward-facing travel car seats–up to 65 lbs. (see following car seats, too). The 12-position easy-adjust harness also makes it easy to keep up with your fast-growing child. It measures 18.5″W x 26″H x 21″D. Rear-facing from 5 to 40 lbs, forward-facing up to 65 lbs. Weighs 28.5 lbs.   Find it online at:        Baby Earth
Using forward facing car seats on an airplane is usually the easiest option as with most rear facing seats, a seat belt extender is required. These should be available from the flight attendant. Arm rests can be tricky so try and get a seat narrow enough that you can lower the armrests for takeoff and landing. This can be annoying as airplane seats vary in width, but most seats should not be more than 18” wide. Any bigger than this and the seat is probably too bulky anyway.